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Biomedical Engineering: Current Research

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Rigenera an innovative method in treating the scars

Author(s): Uberto Giovannini

We present a new clinical practice called Rigenera. Rigenera is based on the use of Rigeneracons medical device (Human Brain Wave, Italy), a biological disruptor of human tissues, able to produce autologous viable micrografts to repair or regenerate tissue. The protocol treatment consist to obtain autologous micrografts, which are in turn injectable in the patients. Rigenera system composed of Rigenera machine and Rigeneracons.(1) The collection of dermis pieces is done by retroauricolar biopsy. The dermis pieces have to be inserted in the Rigeneracons medical device to be disrupt after addition of saline solution in order to collect micrografts. The collection of micrografts includes the cells’ suspension with growth factors, and components of extracellular matrix of the autologous donor tissue. The Rigenera system allows the mesenchymal stem cells to be obtained from the same donor and recipient patient, thus avoiding complications related to implants to non autologous micrografts (2) Rigeneracons is able to disrupt small pieces of human connective tissue using a grid provided by hexagonal blades filtering cells and components of extracellular matrix with an approximate cut-off in a 50 micron The micrografts are injected by microponfil technique with a hypodermic needle 30G 9 6 mm to 45 degrees along the fold of the skin scars (3) Clinical observation documented diminished scar bulk with a reduction in scar height and textural improvement. The patients presented with skin pigmentation improvement and pliability in overall appearance. Mean patient and investigator scores for skin texture improvement after 1 month correlated with scales 2 and 3 and at the end of the follow-up correlated with scales 3 and 4.


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