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Journal of Modern and Applied Physics

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Space threat to the USA - increase in mortality from ischemic heart disease due to high-energy alpha particles entering Earth's orbit

Author(s): Nikolay Takuchev

According to the World Health Organization, ischemic heart disease is at the top of the list of morbid causes of death on the planet. In a series of publications, data were presented on the existence of a dangerous phenomenon - a relationship between the annual mortality from ischemic heart disease and the annual average flow of cosmic positively charged particles with high energy reaching the Earth's orbit. The phenomenon is noticeable (due to the high correlation coefficients) in the health statistics of various countries located in the middle latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere. Mainly those are countries with a small territory, in particular Bulgaria, Malta, Austria, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, and South Korea, but the phenomenon is also noticeable in countries like the Philippines and Cote d'Ivoire. The phenomenon is not noticeable in the data on the annual mortality of large countries of the same latitudes, such as the USA, China, and Russia. The US is the only country in the world with publicly available individual death statistics by location (state-level data were used), time (date of death was used), and cause of death (death from ischemic heart disease was used). The data on individual deaths from the USA make it possible to trace rapid processes in connection with the discussed phenomenon and to confirm with data the proposed hypothetical mechanism of this dangerous phenomenon. The mechanism presumes that the positively charged particles evoking death from ischemic heart disease are solar alpha particles with high energy. The mechanism was applied to analyze sudden unexplained spikes in the number of deaths from ischemic heart disease in the United States on March 4th and March 6th, 1978. Without being able to accurately predict the moments of occurrence of this dangerous phenomenon, the mentioned mechanism predicts depending on latitude the dates with the highest risk of death from ischemic heart disease induced by the alpha particles. According to the mechanism, the moments with the highest risk are local noon and local midnight.

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