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Journal of Plant Biology and Agriculture Sciences

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Species Diversity threats to Fish Fauna in Adhokhola River, Nepal

Author(s): Siddhartha Regmi

Aquatic biodiversity is in crisis due to several natural and anthropogenic factors. This study was conducted to assess the status and threats to the fish fauna in Andhikhola River system, which originates from a low• mountain in Siwalik. Both primary and secondary data collection methods were used in the study. Primary data was collected by reconnaissance survey and field monitoring and secondary data were collected from literature review from research reports, journal articles and books, records from Department of National Park and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC), Andhikhola Hydropower Project and other stakeholders and from relevant websites. Seven sampling sites were chosen (sites A-G). All sites were selected based on availability of water resources, stakeholder consultation and the habitat preference of the fish species in that river system. Catch and release method was used in field to find out the diversity of fish. Qualitative and Quantitative analysis methods were used to analyze data. Two orders of fish i.e. Cypriniformes and Siluriformes were found in the area. Under these two orders. 6 families, 26 species and 128 individuals were catch. Both natural threats (silt deposition, flooding) and anthropogenic threats (illegal fishing, construction of dam/bridge. waste dumping and poisoning to fish) to fish were found in the study sites. It is suggested to construct appropriate ladder during dam construction, stop dumping in the river and further study on fish diversity and threats to fish. Also to fulfill gap of knowledge on fish diversity, it is advised to have government plans, so the knowledge on fish taxonomy and conservation could be prioritized giving special focus raising awareness on conservation of riverine fishes.


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