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Journal of Clinical Psychology and Cognitive Science

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Stress and COVID-19 Epidemic

Author(s): Stella Allen* and Vera Green

Stress researchers in psychology and neuroscience have significant problems as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. Physical social contacts are utilised in well-known experimental paradigms like the Trier Social Stress Test to create stress via social-evaluative threat. Established stress induction models are typically difficult to utilise since lockdowns and contact restrictions hinder in-person interactions. Despite these obstacles, stress research is critical since the pandemic is expected to increase the prevalence of stress-related mental diseases. As a result, we examine the use of new research trends such as virtual reality, pre-recordings, and online adaptations for known stress induction paradigms. Such approaches are not only critical for stress research during COVID-19, but they are also  likely to drive the field long after the pandemic has passed. They may make it easier to conduct research in new settings and with homebound or mobility-restricted participants. Furthermore, they enable fresh experimental variants that may advance methods as well as the understanding of stress. While the COVID-19 epidemic will undoubtedly provide hurdles for stress researchers, it may eventually turn into a driving factor for advancement.

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