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Journal of Plant Biology and Agriculture Sciences

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Survival of ethnic medicine among immigrants- A comparable study

Author(s): Zohara Yaniv Bachrach

Many diverse communities have come together in the land of Israel, each with its own distinctive culture and lifestyle. They bring with them their traditional medicine, as well as their traditional medications and medicinal plants. (Whenever it is possible!). Three such important communities live now in Israel, namely the Bedouins, the Ethiopian and the Yemenites. The community of Yemenite Jews immigrated to Israel some 200 years ago. The Ethiopians are relatively new comers and the Bedouins are desert dwellers in the middle-east since ancient times. There are many great similarities in Ethnic Medicine and traditions among these ethnic groups.

The purpose of this talk is to highlight the similarities and emphasize the unique traditions of these groups in view of culture and geography, and to stress the power of ethnic preservation.

Important points:

1.        The role of the healer in the society.

2.        The traditions of preventive medicine.

3.        Similar major medicinal plants are used for healing.

4.        Healing traditions include ceremonies and supernatural practices.

The effect of assimilation process in the "new" country will be evaluated.

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