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Clinical Nephrology and Research

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The Brazilian nephrology census in 2019

Author(s): Luping Huang

The Brazilian Society of Nephrology's dialysis census for 2019 analyses the state of chronic kidney disease in Brazil and its impact on the healthcare system. Data from the census can help us enhance the survival and quality of life of dialysis patients in Brazil. The voluntary participation of roughly 40% of dialysis clinics across the country is a significant achievement. The quality of the information acquired was aided by the use of computerized data collection. The improvement in clinic data management should help to boost dialysis clinic involvement in censuses in the next years. Clinics can compare treatment quality targets with average metrics at a country level thanks to a high level of census participation - which is now higher than participation in the Data us system. The statistics included in the Brazilian dialysis census publication provide evidence to drive public healthcare policies, in addition to their usage in clinical practise.

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