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Journal of Plant Biology and Agriculture Sciences

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The effects of alkalinity on physical and chemical properties of soil

Author(s): Israel Zewd*

Although it is difficult to clearly separate soil functions into chemical, physical, and biological processes because of its dynamic, interactive nature, soil has certain chemical, physical and biological properties. Soils that are significantly acidic or alkaline cover most of the land in the world. Soil salinity affects plants directly through reduced osmotic potential of the soil solution and the toxicity of specific ions such as boron, chloride, and sodium. Soil alkalinity affects the physical and chemical properties of the soil. Some adverse effects of alkalinity on soil physical properties are texture, soil structure, soil color, Infiltration and Soil porosity, surface crusting, and swelling factor. Effects of soil alkalinity on soil chemical properties include soil pH and nutrient availability, Nutrient availability and alkalinity of soil. Alkalinity of soil can be maintained by various methods to for successful crops in alkali soils.
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