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Journal of Plant Biology and Agriculture Sciences

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The effects of thickening agents on the physicochemical and sensory Properties of date Palm juice

Author(s): Kristine L. Mangundayao

In this study, effects of thickening agents on the physicochemical and sensory properties of the date palm juice wasinvestigated. Two types of dates cultivar were used in this study – Zaghloul and Deglet Noor. After conducting formulations, the base product was made with 75% Zaghlouldates and 25% Deglet Noor dates and this had been studied for the effects of stabilizers such as pectin, CMC, xanthan gum and gum Arabic used at 0.1% concentration (w/w). Results have shown that there were significant differences between stabilizers at 0.1% concentrations on the physicochemical properties of date palm juice (p<0.05). 31.43% of panelists liked most xanthan gum and pectin at 0.1% concentration in a juice sample. These samples were described as juices with sweet taste, fruity and natural date aroma. This study investigated the synergistic effects of pectin at 0.05% in combination with xanthan gum and CMC at varying concentrations - 0.01%, 0.025% and 0.05% (w/w). Significant synergistic effects on the physicochemical properties of juice samples produced by the combination of pectin with other thickening agents (p<0.05) were observed. Preference test results revealed that synergistic effects of stabilizers have no significant effect on liking scores of panelists on their sensory properties (p>0.05). In overall, panelists’ most preferred product was the base juice formulation with xanthan gum at 0.05% concentrations and was positively described as juice having sweet aroma/taste, smooth texture, fruity aroma and has a natural date flavor. 


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