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Journal of Agriculture

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The impact of soil and water conservation for improved agricultural production in Ethiopia

Author(s): Semu Arayaselassie Abebe

Ethiopia is among the sub Saharan belt countries with degradation problem. Environmental degradation, including soil erosion with gully formation, decrease in soil fertility. Sustainable agriculture is a balance between social, environmental and economic priorities. The balance secured with production of sufficient amount of food with affordable price and also with keeping the quality of the food. Protecting the environment and biodiversity to ensure farming is economically viable, which contributes to the well-being of local communities. Particularly in Ethiopia soil loss through water erosions one of the serious environmental problem which is affecting the economy. The problem is due to mismanagement of land and poor agricultural practices. Thus, the this seminar review was carried out to review the impact of soil and water conservation measures in improving ecosystem services in general and sustainable agricultural in specific. The review focuses on semi-arid areas of the country with resource constraints. Finally, it recommends adaptive strategies that use and encourage for sustainable agriculture by increasing the ecosystem service.

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