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Clinical Nephrology and Research

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The moment has arrived to establish cardio-nephrology as a specialisation. A policy statement from the Spanish Society of Nephrology's Working Group for Cardiorenal Medicine coordination committee

Author(s): Harry Smith

Unacceptably high rates of morbidity and mortality are experienced by patients who have both chronic kidney disease (CKD) and cardiovascular disease (CVD), which has a negative impact on healthcare systems. At the institutional level, there is currently a dearth of unified efforts to identify, prevent, and treat CVD in CKD patients, with the focus still being on individual specialist opinions on this subject. In this position paper, the authors support the requirement for a committed, interdisciplinary team of cardionephrology subspecialists to oversee appropriate clinical interventions in both inpatient and outpatient settings. To promote the growth of the cardio-nephrology specialisation, there is a vital need for training programmes, best clinical practise models, recommendations, and research funding from nephrology, cardiology, and other professional societies. This position paper from the S.E.N.'s Working Group for Cardiorenal Medicine coordination committee is meant to serve as the foundation for the development of the cardio-nephrology specialisation within the S.E.N. The integration of the speciality into routine nephrological practise will aid in the accurate, clinically efficient, and cost-effective diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of CVD in CKD patients.

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