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Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

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The Role of Manual Lymph Drainage in Improving Wound Healing and Accelerating Recovery After Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

Author(s): Petra Erving

Manual Lymph Drainage utilised in the acute postoperative period removes ‘stagnant’ oedema, supporting the function of the lymphatic system, supporting, and improving wound healing and optimizing the scarring process, and accelerates the healing process. Any cut, incision and wound that breaches the skin and underlying tissues will produce some degree of scar. No matter how it occurs, scar formation is the body’s natural reaction to that trauma. The ‘replacement’ tissue is quite different to the original ‘normal’ tissue. If the wound healing process is faulty or mismanaged, the scar tissue can cause tightness and restriction causing pain and discomfort. And be unsightly causing distress and dissatisfaction in the patient.


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