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Journal of Pharmacology Research

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Therapeutic Monitoring Of Antiepileptic Drugs

Author(s): Benamara

It is a multicenter non-interventional study in two departments: neurology and pediatrics, in university-hospital of Tlemcen. Algeria. This prospective study was conducted on a random sample of 32 epileptic patients with a sex ratio of 15/17 treated with at least Valproic acid and / or carbamazepine. Plasma assay was carried out by enzymatic method in the homogeneous phase using a AxSYM analyzer Among the 32 patients included in the study, 29 patients were treated with valproic acid, of whom 20 patients with mono-therapy and 6 are stabilized by a combination therapy. 3 patients received a polymedication. For 47% of patients the duration of treatment was between 1 and 5 years. 15 patients were declared to be not stabilized by treatment, of whom 3 received a treatment combining three antiepileptic dugs.

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