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Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

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Thermal Process and Microorganim of Concern

Author(s): Franco Castelvetri

 Sterilized products. According to fda definition, the thermal process has the goal to ensure the destruction of all the germs capable of growing at the normal – non refrigerated storage conditions. This means all mesophilic sporeformers and vegetative. Microorganisms of concern. Pathogen: cl botulinum, b.cereus; banal spoilage: cl. Sporogenes, b. Subtilis. Control factors. Major: heat treatment parameters. Minor: ph, storage temperature (lower than 37°c). Pasteurized products. The thermal process is a “chill pasteurization” and has the goal to ensure the destruction of all path. /vegetative bacteria and to achieve a minimum 30 days stability at refrigerated storage conditions. Microorganisms of concern . Pathogen: s. Aureus, listeria monocy.(the most heat resistant cells of path.). Banal spoilage: yeasts and molds, enterobacteria, psicroph. Germs. Control factors. Major: heat treatment, chilling time, storage temperature. Minor: ph, kind of substratum.