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Journal of Aquaculture and Fisheries Management

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Underwater Photogrammetry as a Key Monitoring Tool for the Hard Corals in Costa Rica the crystal floor

Author(s): Carlos Mallo Molina

 Hard coral colonies are endangered around the world, all coral species are threatened and are facing extiction due to the Climate Change. From the surface, the ocean never change, however the sea coral colonies are slowly dying and with it, all the sea life. The Cristal Wall is an original Innoceana Project that will show the coral colonies of the Caño Island in 3D Models. Looking through the crystal floor you will see the corals as they are, you will enjoy this animal sculptures while you will understand how our future looks like, as they are the oceans engine. The corals are indicators about how the future in the oceans will look like.

  It is a fundamental duty to study them. If we do not stop climate change we will not only be in trouble as human beings but will be unable to look back and understand how they looked like. The Crystal Wall fights climate change promoting awareness while creating a detailed baseline to monitor the coral colonies. If one day the corals die this would be a flashback to the past and a model to rebuild them using 3D printers, for instance.

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