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Journal of Phlebology and Lymphology

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Venous diseases of the central nervous system

Author(s): Naomi Nakazima

The veins of the cerebrum contain no valves, and the vessel divider is thin a direct result of the shortfall of the strong layer. The veins infiltrate the dura mater and channel into the cranial venous sinuses. The cerebral veins are partitioned into two fundamental gatherings—cerebral and cerebellar. The cerebral veins channel the outer and inward surfaces of the sides of the equator. The cerebral veins that channel the outer surfaces of the cerebral halves of the globe are the unrivaled, center, and mediocre shallow cerebral veins. The cerebral veins that channel the interior cerebral constructions are basically the inside cerebral vein and the basal vein of Rosenthal, which channel in the extraordinary vein of Galen. There are two sets of cerebellar veins, the unrivaled and the mediocre cerebellar veins