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  • Perspective   
    Using synthetic microbial communities and prebiotics to promote plant health in a synergistic way
    Author(s): Brisa Martin*

    In agriculture, soil-borne illnesses generate significant economic losses. Using microbial preparations to manage infections is a good way to avoid soil-borne disease. However, microbial preparations are frequently unstable, restricting their use on a broad scale. The link between carbon sources and the microbial population, as well as the application of human microbial preparation principles to plant microbial preparations, are all discussed in this paper. In addition, we suggest a novel synthetic microbial community assembly technique that includes synergistic prebiotics to promote healthy plant development and disease resistance. A novel strategy is offered in this study to enhance existing microbial preparations, get a better knowledge of the interactions between carbon sources, beneficial bacteria, and plants, and create a theoretical framework for designing new microbial prepara.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.37532/puljmbr.2022.5(1).09-10

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