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    Delineating anticipation for glaucoma
    Author(s): Nayeon Wang*

    Glaucoma is the main source of irreversible visual impairment around the world; be that as it may, vision misfortune coming about because of glaucoma for the most part can be forestalled through early distinguishing proof and ideal execution of treatment. As of late, Polygenic Danger Scores (PRSs) have shown guarantee in delineating individual danger and anticipation for essential Open-Point Glaucoma (POAG) to decrease infection trouble. Incorporating PRS testing into clinical practice is turning out to be progressively reasonable; be that as it may, little is had some significant awareness of the mentalities of patients toward such testing. 1,000 one hundred 69 people (reaction rate, 49%) with POAG finished the study assessing their perspectives towards polygenic danger testing for glaucoma... Read More»
    DOI: DOI:10.37532/puloctj.

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