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    Mathematics of uncertainty for quantum computing
    Author(s): Usama Shamsuddin Thakur*

    Quantum Mechanics and Computation has a major problem called the measurement problem. This has given physicists a very hard time over the years when I first looked into the problem my approach was simple find a new number system that can go with the uncertainty of a Quantum particle the paper deals with the mathematics of uncertainty which has solved 2 millenium prize problems and quantum mea- surement problem very efficiently. We divide chaos into two parts low chaos and high chaos then we find the desired value inside the inter-section of both. This helps us find something in a ℵ3 >>> ∞ this takes the problems around us to the next level if we are able to control a chaos then we can achieve pretty much anything... Read More»
    DOI: 10.37532/jmap.2022 .5(5); 01-12