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Clinical Sciences Journals

Clinical Science plays an important role in the entire clinical research, pharmaceutical developments and innovations in the diagnostic technologies that are helpful in detecting the root cause of the disease so that a route map can be designed to address it thoroughly. Clinical sciences thus are combination of principles of medicine, chemistry, biology, physiology and experimental sciences that generally deploy tools and techniques to investigate the etiology of the disease, leading to diagnosis, prognosis, cure and management.

Clinical sciences generally includes testing, detecting, evaluating and analyzing the samples of blood, bodily fluids, tissues, and cells by applying standardized and universally acceptable techniques under the controlled conditions. Medical treatment is unheard of without clinical investigations; clinical trials thus are an emerging market globally due to multiplication of tropical and infectious diseases, high spending of pharmaceutical industries on clinical research, and the government initiatives to promote human welfare. North America is the market leader for clinical investigations due to presence of major pharmaceutical companies and constant flow of investments on clinical trials.