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Journal of Analytical Toxicology and Applications

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Aims and scope

Journal of Analytical Toxicology and Applications is committed to the dissemination of knowledge through the publication of scholarly research; primarily in the fields of Analytical toxicology can assist in the diagnosis, management, prognosis, prevention of poisoning, assessment of exposure to chemical incidents, therapeutic drug monitoring, forensic analyses, and monitoring for drugs of abuse. Clinical areas such as assessing illicit drug use and the diagnosis and treatment of poisoning with environmental toxins such as lead, as well as in the management of incidents related to the accidental or deliberate release of chemicals into the environment (chemical incidents) and other aspects of chemical safety.

Journal of Analytical Toxicology and Applications studies and integrates theoretical and practical aspects of analytical science with clinical and forensic toxicology. This will provide you with a detailed knowledge and comprehensive understanding of advanced analytical toxicology and its applications.

The scope of Journal of Analytical Toxicology and Applications:
• Forensic Toxicology
• Clinical Toxicology
• Toxinology
• Toxins and Toxicity
• Medical toxicology
• Drug therapy
• Drug abuse
• Ecotoxicology
• Aquatic toxicology
• Computational toxicology
• Toxicogenomics