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Journal of Animal Genetics Research

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Journal of Animal Genetics Research

Journal of Animal Genetics Research is a scholarly, peer-reviewed, open access journal reports notable research to promote and share new knowledge in all areas of animal genetics and related disciplines. The journal accepts all genetic studies with special regard to economically significant, domestic and wild animals. The main focus of the journal lies in genetic improvement with emphasis on performance traits, earlier disease intervention and improved health outcomes and preservation of endangered animal populations.

The journal provides recent information concerning current developments in animal genetics for the benefit of researchers, academicians, meat, poultry or dairy producers and organizations that work on the conservation of endangered animal species.

Journal of Animal Genetics Research encourages submission of papers from scientists working in the fields of quantitative genetics, functional genomics, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, animal forensics, immunogenetics, population genetics and bioinformatics. The journal publishes novel and high quality research with special attention to DNA-based animal testing, genetic aspects of animal breeding such as parentage determination and genome based selection, identification and evaluation of molecular markers, genetic diversity and evolution, association between genotype and phenotype, quantitative trait loci (QTL) mapping, statistical and computational methods for QTL analysis, genetic defects and disease susceptibilities, genetic engineering of animals and potential gene therapies.

The journal is providing Editorial Manager System facility where authors can submit manuscripts and track their progress. All submissions undergo double blinded peer-review process and final decision is made with the help of elite group of editorial board members.

To submit your valuable manuscript online, visit https://www.scholarscentral.org/submission/animal-genetics-research.html

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