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Journal of Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry

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Journal of Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry

The Journal of Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry is an open access Journal aimed at publishing high-quality interdisciplinary research in Chemistry, Biology, and Medicine. The journal caters to the needs of Chemical biologists applying the tools based on principles of Chemistry to address the biological or medical problems. It also welcomes Medical Chemists involved in drug design and development, and Biologists keen in manipulating the biological processes at a molecular level to make their contributions to the field.

The scope of the journal encompasses all subjects associated with Chemical Biology such as: chemical engineering, pharmacology, enzyme mechanism and catalysis, enzyme kinetics, solid-state chemistry, femtochemistry, nanochemistry, electrochemistry, chemical process modeling,natural product biosynthesis; bioorganic chemistry, metabolic engineering, and synthetic biology.

Additionally, the journal also encourages manuscript submissions from associated fields of Medicinal Chemistry such as: pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, biochemistry, computational biology, and synthetic organic chemistry, structural biology, toxicology, applied medicinal chemistry, bioorganic medicinal chemistry, chemical pharmacology, medicinal biochemistry, medicinal chemical research, medicinal organic chemistry, synthetic medicinal chemistry, and natural product chemistry.

Authors are invited to publish their findings and opinions in a variety of formats such as: research articles, short communications, case reports, and letters to the editor, reviews, and techniques.

Author(s) can submit their manuscripts as an e-mail attachment to chemicalbiology@pulsusgroup.org