Journal of Experimental and Clinical Microbiology

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  • Adilson da Costa
    Sao Paulo State Public Servants Health Care Institute, Sao Paulo/SP, Brazil
  • Samah Abd El-Kader El-Debaiky
    Lecturer of Microbiology (Mycology) in Botany Department, Faculty of Science , Tanta University
  • Sheng-Fan Wang
    Associate Professor, Kaohsiung Medical University. Taiwan
  • Su-Ping Deng
    Instructor in Automation, School of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, West Anhui University, Luan, P.R. China

  • Geisiany Maria de Queiroz-Fernandes
    Universidade do Sagrado Coração, Rua Irmã Arminda, 10-50, 17011-160, Bauru, São Paulo, Brazil
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