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Journal of Genetic Disorders and Genetic Medicine

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Journal of Genetic Disorders and Genetic Medicine

Journal of Genetic Disorders and Genetic Medicine is a OPEN ACCESS peer reviewed journal which publishes Original Articles, Reviews, Case Reports, Clinical Images related to Genetic Disorders, Chromosomal Disorders, Gene Mapping, Gene Therapy genetically birth defects, Germline Cancer Genetics , Genetic Mutations, Metabolic Diseases, Single Gene Disorders, Genetic aspects of Common Complex Diseases, Population Genetics, Environmental Genetics, Genetic Counseling & Education, Gene Regulation, Epigenetics, Disease-specific Animal Models and Regenerative Medicine.

Journal of Genetic Disorders and Genetic Medicine is using online system for manuscript submission, peer-review and tracking of the article. Manuscript acceptance requires approval by at least two reviewer’s either from Editorial Board members of the journal or outside experts.

Author may submit their manuscripts through the journal's online submission and tracking system to https://www.pulsus.com/submissions/genetic-disorders-genetic-medicine.html , Authors may submit their manuscripts as an e-mail attachment to [email protected]


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Editorial March 25, 2021

Metabolic Diseases

Hayat Alghutaimel

Abstract PDF

Short communication March 25, 2021

Genetic mutation

Ceylan Avci

Abstract PDF

Commentary March 25, 2021

Genetic mapping

Simegn Alemu

Abstract PDF

Commentary March 25, 2021

Chromosomal abnormalities and its defects

Sarah Feteih

Abstract PDF

Mini Review March 25, 2021

Perrault syndrome: One, none or a thousand diseases?

Federica Ruscitti, Lucia Trevisan, Paola Mandich

Abstract PDF

Editorial February 25, 2021

Importance of Molecular Genetics

Melaku Getachew

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