Journal of Genetics and Mutation

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Journal of Genetics and Mutation

The Journal of Genetics and Mutation is a peer reviewed open access Journal that publishes most comprehensive and reliable information in the field of genetics of plants, animals and humans. Studies pertaining to cytogenetics and molecular genetics form the bedrock of the Journal; these provide insights into genetic variation, mutations, and heredity.

The Journal of Genetics and Mutation encompasses articles from the fields of genetic toxicology, neurogenetics, cancer genetics, behavioral genetics, medical genetics, biochemical genetics, clinical genetics, population genetics, genetic epidemiology, and immunogenetics. Mutation related studies, such as articles on environmental mutagenesis, chromosomal abnormalities, mutagenic agents, and genetic polymorphisms etc. also feature in the Journal.

Studies involving High throughput genetic/mutation analysis involving computational biology and bioinformatics such as: next generation sequencing, transcriptomics analysis, RNA-Sequencing, ChIP-Sequencing, and microarray are very welcome. Further, studies concerned with diagnostic methods such as RAPD, RFLP, and ARMS-PCR, for screening mutations are also solicited.

Authors are welcome to publish their findings in a variety of formats such as: research articles, case series, reviews, guidelines, and techniques. Author(s) can submit their manuscripts through the journal's online submission and tracking system at: (or) as an attachment to [email protected]

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