Journal of Materials Engineering and Applications

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  • Dr. Seiki Chiba
    CEO of Chiba Science Institute
  • Zhitao Kang
    Senior Research Engineer & Adjunct Professor
  • Dr. Pradip Kumar Roy
    Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.) - Banaras Hindu University (B.H.U.), INDIA.
  • Terry M. Tritt
    Alumni Distinguished Professor & Chair Department of Physics and Astronomy, Department of Materials Science & Engineering Clemson University,
  • Haibin Ning
    Department of Materials Science and Engineering Materials Processing and Applications Development (MPAD) Center The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)
  • Catalin Fetecau
    Professor, Ph.D. Eng. Department of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Dunarea de Jos University of Galati.
  • Yiquan Wu
    Associate Professor of Ceramics and Materials Science Kazuo Inamori School of Engineering, New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University
  • Dr. HE Zeming
    Research Scientist
  • Sateesh Bandaru
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Algorithms Division, Computatinal Science Research Center Beijing, China.
  • Prof. Dr. Abdelwahab Omri
    Professor Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.
  • Samaneh Sharbati
    Assistance professor in Semnan University.
  • Babak Safaei
    PhD. in Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
  • Ganesh Kumar Meenashisundaram
    Research Fellow Singapore institute of Manufacturing and Technology, A*STAR, Singapore.
  • Dr. Raghavender Medishetty
    Research fellow Technical University of Munich, Germany
  • Dr. Jayraj V. Vaghasiya
    Postdoctoral Fellow Department of Materials Science & Engineering National University of Singapore,
  • Dr. Thathan Premkumar
    Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry/University College, Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), Suwon, South Korea
  • Dapeng Jing
    Materials Analysis and Research Laboratory Iowa State University
  • Dr. Qingguo Chi
    Professor in Key Laboratory of Engineering Dielectrics and Its Application, Ministry of Education, Harbin University of Science and Technology.
  • Dr. Anjanapura V Raghu
    Professor, Department of Basic Science, Centre for Emerging Technology, Jain Global Campus Jain University,India
  • Kai Liu
    Prof. Kai Liu, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences