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Journal of Pathobiology and Physiology

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Journal of Pathobiology and Physiology

Pathobiology and Physiology is a monthly, peer-reviewed, open access journal, which is aimed to showcase all the fundamental understanding on the cause and processes of a disease to characterize its structural, functional, and chemical abnormalities occurring at the intercellular and subcellular levels. Through such vision the journal also intending to provide effective contribution in the field of medical sciences.

The journal Pathobiology and Physiology represents itself as the timely resource on health and disease of human being and at the same time it provides a vast range of scopes, which includes the studies on physiology, pathobiology, pathology, oncology, virology, pathophysiology, comparative pathology, anatomic pathology, cell biology, molecular biology, paediatric pathology, vascular pathophysiology, immunology, cardiovascular pathobiology, and biochemistry. In terms of quality, the journal is resolute to uphold a high standard in terms of facts and ethics. Accuracy and authenticity in the scientific reports submitted to the journal are welcomed above all nominal needs of the journal.

Author may submit their manuscripts directly through online tracking system at https://www.pulsus.com/submissions/pathobiology-physiology.html as an e-mail attachment at [email protected]

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