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Journal of Medical Biotechnology

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Journal of Medical Biotechnology

Journal of Medical Biotechnology is a peer reviewed, open access Journal dedicated to publishing the most comprehensive and high-quality articles that discusses the application of the biotechnology techniques in the medical domin. The scope of the Journal encompasses a number of study areas such as: molecular therapy, applied immunology, biomedical engineering, nano-biotechnology, biomaterials, computational biology, Plant biotechnology, Microbiolgical biotechnology, Pharmaceutical biotechnology, Oxidant and antioxidant and analytical biotechnology.

Author (s) may submit their manuscripts through an e-mail attachment at medbiotech@clinicalmedicaljournals.com

Studies dealing with cutting-edge technologies such as: Aptamers, DNAzymes, Ribozymes, Tissue engineering, T-cell Therapies, Nanomedicine, Stem-cell therapies, Gene therapy, CRISPR/Cas9 technology, Medical devices and Smart sensors are solicited.
The Journal places special impetus on articles dealing with the regulatory laws, guidelines, patents, and medical ethics governing/concerning the use of these technologies. Authors are welcome to publish their findings as Research Articles, Reviews, Case Series, Reports, Letter to editor, Guidelines, and Techniques.





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