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Clinical Cardiology Journal

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Central obesity and its implicated adverse health conditions are a major concern of some people

International Conference on Heart Congress, Vascular Biology and Surgeon’s Meeting

December 04-05, 2017 Dallas, USA

Iwezu Happy Nonso

University of Nigeria, Nigeria

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Abstract :

Central obesity is one of the predisposition factors to cardiovascular disease, respiratory conditions, type 2 diabetes mellitus, cancer and others. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between central obesity, cardio respiratory fitness and physical activity level among adults in Enugu State. Three hundred and seventeen subjects (158 obese and 159 non-obese) who met the inclusion criteria and gave their informed consent participated in the study. Their waist to hip ratio was determined using measuring tape. Body Mass Index measured with stadiometer and weighing scale. Cardio respiratory fitness was determined using Harvard Step Test and International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ) was used to determine their physical activity level. Data collected was analyzed descriptively and inferentially using correlation test. The level of significance was set at p=0.01 The physical activity level of obese adults in Enugu state increases in an ascending order of vigorous, low, moderate while the cardiorespiratory fitness decreases in reverse direction as low, average, good, excellence and very low. There was a significant relationship between cardio respiratory fitness and physical activity (r=0.146, sig=0.009). There was also a significant relationship between waist-hip ratio and cardiorespiratory fitness (r=-0.221, sig=0.000).

Biography :

Dr. Iwezu Happy Nonso is having his expertise in sports medicine (physiotherapy) and passion in improving the health and wellbeing. His open and contextual evaluation model based on responsive constructivists creates new pathways for improving healthcare and also developed this model after years of experience in research, evaluation, teaching and administration both in hospital, outreach programs and education institutions. This will go a long way in restoring man back to form and function physically via spatial  neuroplasticity.


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