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Pulsus Journal of Surgical Research

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Dynamometry - a tool to assess functional capacity - precedes rehabilitation in elderly

Annual Congress on Rehabilitation and Future Pharma

November 17, 2022 | Webinar

Maura Gabriela Felea, Razan Al Namat and Petre Augustin Crivoi

Grigore T. Popa” University, Romania
Preventis Medical Center, Romania

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Abstract :

Statement of the Problem: Sarcopenia is the key trigger factor for health decline, and the consequence of various comorbidities that will impact functional capacity, cardiorespiratory fitness, morbidity and mortality in elderly. We searched the correlation of sarcopenia and cardiovascular performance. Methodology and Theoretical Orientation: From 2020, we performed a health screening, in urban and rural communitydwelling older adult groups. They benefited from home care services. Clinical evaluation was crowned by lab tests, and adapted tests to assess functional capacity. Findings: While men were outnumbered in this group of people, women presented a higher functional longevity than men, although there were a few in a greater physical disability with bedridden for more than 6 months. The physical performance tests results were correlated to the reduction in mobility, to cardiovascular diseases and cardiovascular deconditioning. As well as the hand grip test, with results below the cut-off value, all data were compared between gender, and urban and rural areas. At hand grip values below the threshold, people climbed less than 10 steps or none. Regarding their health status, they were asked to perform other tests. Conclusion & Significance: According to the sarcopenia guideline, the cut-off values of the hand grip test identify the risk of sarcopenia. The SARC-F questionnaire clinically supports the confirmation of the diagnosis, but physical performance tests play a key role in classifying the severity of sarcopenia. The hand-grip strength test reveals lower values with ageing, there is still a great reserve capacity for recovery compared to immobilization effects in young or adults. The target of rehabilitation would be to evaluate and diagnose, to regain independence for daily activities and self-esteem, and to reduce the family burden during the years to come. A comprehensive management of sarcopenia, including rehabilitation, is the key element to surpass this border called ageing. Recent publications 1. Al Namat R, FELEA M, Bazyani A, et al (2020) Psychological evaluation by using the Hamilton depression and anxiety rating scales in coronary artery bypass grafting patients undergoing cardiovascular rehabilitation treatment. Romanian Journal of Cardiology. 2. Bazyani A, Al Namat R, FELEA MG, et al (2019) QRISK2 Score in CABG Patients Correlated with Risk Factors. REV.CHIM. (Bucharest) 70 (5): 1676-1680. 3. Al Namat R, FELEA M, Costache I, et al (2018) Heart-Type Fatty Acid-Binding Protein (H-FABP) in patients with type 2 diabetes beneficiaries of rehabilitation program post coronary artery bypass grafting. REV.CHIM. (Bucharest) 69 (10): 2712-2717.

Biography :

Maura Gabriela Felea has expertise in clinical evaluation and passion in improving the health and wellbeing of humans. The first approach was towards the medical field of Geriatrics and Gerontology. Thus, she began to build her experience that was further continued by the work in the “Grigore T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Iasi, Romania, she started a new pathway, in the vast domain of Sports Medicine, in order to enrich the management in evaluation, diagnosis and Rehabilitation.

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