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Journal of Clinical Psychology and Cognitive Science

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Geographical variation in GP drug prescribing for schizophrenia and similar psychosis in England


November 13-14, 2019 | London, UK

Pat Mungroo

University of East London, UK

Keynote: Clin Psychol Cog Sci

Abstract :

Visualising and analysing geographical patterns in mental illness can be a starting point for understanding and creating effective policy around inequalities and how to resolve them. This research note looks at geographical variations in GP prescribing for Schizophrenia and similar psychosis using open Presentation level Data for England downloaded from NHS Digital. We found considerable geographical variation in both the level of prescribing per thousand population at Local Authority level and in the rate of change measured over five years. There is a statistically significant north-south divide in prescribing. We have used social marketing geodemographics to explore possible correlates with the geographical patterns. Highest positive correlations show links to deprivation and less healthy lifestyle choices. Seeing the geographical variation is in itself informative and a potential eye-opener. In doing so, new questions can be asked of the data, prescription regimes, medication management, practice and policy.

Biography :

Pat Mungroo currently works at the Centre for Geo-Information Studies, University of East London. He does research in Criminal Law. He is a dedicated researcher who is devoted to finding out the reasons why people, particularly mental health sufferers, use illegal substances that effects their behaviour and causes them to commit aggressive and violent crimes.

E-mail: P.Mungroo@uel.ac.uk

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