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Journal of Skin

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How to avoid side effects and complications during thread lifting

World Dermatological Congress

September 18-20, 2017 SAN ANTONIO, TX, USA

Sulamanidze M. MD, Sulamanidze G. MD, Sulamanidze C. MD, Kajaya A. MD

Clinic of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery TOTALCharm, Georgia

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Abstract :

Background Aesthetic surgery and dermatology have proposed hundreds of methods aimed at removing visible manifestations of the aging face. However, as is typically the case when there are several different techniques to improve the same problem, none of these approaches has stood the test of time and become favoured. Neither can a new method of the rejuvenating surgical technique by means of the barbed threads lay claim to provide a total solution of aesthetic problems of the ageing face. Having studied the available literature, we noted that the number of complications associated with this technique is usually underestimated, their causes appear to be explained erroneously, hence followed by drawing incorrect conclusions. Aim To analyse complications, side effects, undesirable events and poor outcomes associated with the method of lifting soft tissues of the face and neck by different variants of thread-mediated lift, obtained by the specialists from our Clinic, submitted to us from other clinics, as well as reported by doctors from different countries. Materials and methods. Based on analyzing a total of 600 cases taken from the clinical archives, with 100 clinical record forms chosen randomly for each year from 2013 through 2016, we carried out a statistical study of various types of complications and problem events involved. Besides, analyzed were all similar cases reported to us by our colleagues from other clinics, thus making it possible to reveal the causes of these complications and work out appropriate measures aimed at prevention and treatment thereof. Conclusions Long-term practice and comprehensive studies showed that this technique has its intrinsic indications, properties, and principles of its own, and failure to take them into due consideration may result in more or less severe complications, adverse reactions, side effects, and troublesome problems.

Biography :

A specialist in aesthetic surgery and aesthetic medicine was born in 1979 in Georgia. In 2002 he graduated from the Medical State University of Russia. In 2004 graduated from residency and in 2007 – from clinical studies of the Russian Scientific Surgery Center’s (RAMS) department.

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