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Journal of Skin

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Soft tissue compartments-face aging base etiology of tissue ptosis and how to fight against it properly

World Dermatological Congress

September 18-20, 2017 SAN ANTONIO, TX, USA

Sulamanidze M. MD, Sulamanidze G. MD, Sulamanidze C. MD and Kajaya A. MD

Clinic of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery TOTALCharm, Georgia

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Abstract :

Minimally invasive aesthetic medicine has made steady progress in recent years. Specialists easily manage problems of face aging concerned with skin aging, soft tissues, mimic wrinkles atrophy. But one of the most important reasons of face aging is ptosis of soft tissues and skin. Unfortunately, earlier there was offered only surgical treatment for given problem. Skin was exfoliated from underlying tissues and shifted surgically not considering any anatomic features of face soft tissues, for example, rhytidectomy. Since last years, it is offered to solve this problem by thread lifting. But unfortunately, in most cases threads are placed without any consideration of anatomic features of face soft tissues. Materials and methods: There was organized 7 cadaver-courses and applied more than 100 cadaveric materials for study of anatomic features of face-compartments soft tissues ptosis. During cadaver-courses there were invited 4 pathologists from different countries and more than 200 specialists in aesthetic medicine area (dermatologists and plastic surgeons). Before starting working pathologists described structure of face tissues based on anatomy and prepared materials as well. Afterword, doctors applied different rejuvenated methods as thread lifting, fillers, skin surgical lifting. With this procedure completed the tissues of cadaveric materials were prepared and there was evaluated effectiveness of various methods for fight against soft tissues ptosis. There were discovered all swings and roundabouts of different methods and were determined reasons of complications and relapse occurrence. After each cadaver-course there was gathered consultation of attendee doctors for results discussion. Results: As a result of performed research lasted for 3 years it has been possible to find out the direction of each face compartment ptosis, to determine etiology of any wrinkles appearance on the face, to select correct methods for fight with given problem and also to determine the reason of many complications and appeared relapses. During this period the given methods were actively applied in the practice for patients and have proved its effectiveness. Discussion and conclusion: Results received during the research process are discussed by specialists in aesthetic medicine. Knowing etiology of face aging processes the doctors will easily find way of solving the problems by selecting more correct, safe and effective treatment methods.

Biography :

A specialist in aesthetic surgery and aesthetic medicine was born in 1979 in Georgia. In 2002 he graduated from the Medical State University of Russia. In 2004 graduated from residency and in 2007 – from clinical studies of the Russian Scientific Surgery Center’s (RAMS) departmen.

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