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Journal of Health Policy and Management

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Izabela Natasha*
Department of Physiotherapy, The University of Milan, Milan, Italy, Email: Izabelanat@hotmail.it
*Correspondence: Izabela Natasha, Department of Physiotherapy, The University of Milan, Milan, Italy, Email: Izabelanat@hotmail.it

Received: 01-Apr-2020 Accepted Date: Apr 15, 2020; Published: 22-Apr-2020

Citation: Natasha I. An editorial on health policy and management for 2019. J Health Pol Manage. 2020;3(2):4

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3 years ago the first journa l devoted entirely to the publication o f research journal of health policy and management. There are some journals about the findings of international comparisons show that countries with health system based on strong primary care have better health at lower costs. The journal covers a broad spectrum of topics for study that discusses theoretical and empirical aspects of Health Policy & Management like leadership, management, and administration of public health systems, health care systems, hospitals, and hospital networks. The journal solicits manuscripts that discuss technical and medical advancements in Decision Science, Health Economics, Health Care Management, Public Health Policy, Quality and Access. Where we encourage authors to provide insight into their recently published journal.

Health policy and management journal from a core part of the process of scholarly communication and they also provide a mechanism for the registration of author ’ s precedence, maintaining quality through peerreviewed and provide a fixed archival version for future reference. The past volumes provide an important way for scientists to navigate the everincreasing volume of published material. And the development of technology software to address abuses such as plagiarism. The social networks and other social media have yet to make the impact on scholarly communication that they have done on wider consumer web and it became more important for rapid growth in membership of newer scientific social networks.

In 2019, we published about 8 articles covering up the topics like alcohol- addicted young adults [1], India on economic growth [2], Influence of controlled breathing technique [3], Evaluation of healthcare management [4] , why new parents of deaf children also have to learn to cope emotionally [5] and three editorials.

While many members will continue to serve on the editorial board of the Journal of health policy and management, others have generously chosen to rotate their position to offer other scientists the opportunity to gain experience performing editorial duties.

Upcoming 'Focus on’ the latest and advancements of health care and health care systems. The world is changing, are you ready to read the top Healthcare Technology Innovations.

Our editors consider all forms of diversity when inviting potential reviewers and routinely ask invited reviewers to consider gender balance, ethnic and geographical diversity, and career stage diversity when suggesting alternative reviewers in the event that they must decline our invitation. Despite these efforts, we find that only 26% of our reviewers are women; we are actively working toward increasing this proportion. As part of this effort, we call on our authors to consider diversity when suggesting reviewers for their submitted papers.

Our Editorial Board members are instrumental providing a rapid and efficient editorial process and maintaining high standards within our publication. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the effort and expertise that you contribute to reviewing, without which it would be impossible to maintain the high standards of peer-reviewed journals. For the success of any journal, reviewers are an essential part and therefore the reviewers merit sincere appreciation. IJPI relies on the efforts and benevolence of the reviewers on assessing the suitability of a manuscript for publication in journal of health policy and management. The inputs of reviewers are frequently used in improving the quality of a submitted manuscript. The reviewing of a manuscript is very essential to assure the quality of the manuscript published in any journal. I thank all reviewers for their excellent contributions.

Finally, I would like to thank you, the contributors and readers for your interest in the journal and I encourage you to continue to send us your valuable feedback and ideas for further improvement of our journal.


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