Journal of Sexual & Reproductive Medicine

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Dr Richard W Casey
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Special thanks to Dr Serge Carrier for organizing this issue and the next issue of the Journal of Sexual and Reproductive Medicine. Both provide excellent reviews of our current knowledge of male infertility and assisted reproductive technology. Patients we see are motivated to have their genes passed on and will submit to numerous procedures, aspirations and instillations, and will spend large sums of money. Physicians need to provide patients with practical guidance and support throughout their infertility workup and treatment. Unrealistic expectations can often drive young couples to unnecessary treatments.

The Summer issue of the journal stimulated much discussion with regard to the ‘soon to be released’ drugs for erectile dysfunction (ED). Dr Peter Pommerville’s review included a table that summarized the properties of present and expected future oral therapies for ED. I do not think it was meant to be a comparison of the efficacy of those therapies, but it was interpreted as such by many readers. It is impossible to adequately compare these therapies without head to head trials.