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Journal of Neurology and Clinical Neuroscience

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Linda Levine Madori
Neurology Department, St. Thomas Aquinas College, USA, Email: [email protected]

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With a great response and feedback from International Conference on Neuro Rehabilitation and Neuro Rehabilitation, we are hosting the next in series the 11th International Conference on Neuro Rehabilitation scheduled on Oct 16-17, 2020 at Vienna, Austria.

This year’s theme will be focusing on Recent Advancements in Neuro Rehabilitation.

It's a matter of great joy and excitement to have you all with us for our Neuro Rehabilitation 2020. We look forward to sharing your amazing knowledge, testing ideas and making a sprinkle at this 2-day event with new enhancements.

The conference will feature two days of scientific research on the latest developments and we are expecting more than 200+ Participants to enlighten the program. This time the France Neuro Rehabilitation Conference will organize several Oral and Poster Presentations, Networking Sessions, Workshops, Symposiums and Exhibition as we have introduced several new tracks to bring in more participants.

This time we have introduced some new highlights for our Neuro Rehabilitation Congress

Diseases associated with Neuro Rehabilitation, Neuroepigenetics in Neuro Rehabilitation, Causes and Risk Factors of Neuro Rehabilitation, Bioinformatics Approach in Neuro Rehabilitation Research, Treatment Modalities of Neuro Rehabilitation, Therapeutic Targets in Neuro Rehabilitation, Clinical Trials and Drug Development, Neuro Rehabilitation Awareness, Practices in Neuro Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation and Neuro Rehabilitation, Neuro Rehabilitation Dos & Don'ts, Case reports etc.

NEURO REHABILITATION 2020 will be your best opportunity to reach the largest assemblage of participants from around the world on a single platform. The event will provide a great opportunity to showcase your research and receive recognition and certificates signed by our World-class eminent organizing committee at this 2- days conference.

Let's meet and explore in an International Melting Pot, Vienna.

Contact Information:

Joanna John
Program Manager
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
WhatsApp chat service: +44 - 1495 - 654015
Telephone Number: +44-203-769-1778

Website: Neurorehabilitation


+44 1625708989

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