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International Journal of Anatomical Variations

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Bhagath Kumar Potu* and Sundaresan CR

Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, UCSI University, UCSI Heights, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

*Corresponding Author:
Dr. Bhagath Kumar Potu, PhD
Associate Professor of Anatomy Faculty of Medicine UCSI University UCSI Heights, Cheras Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603 9101 8880
E-mail: [email protected]

Date of Received: April 5th, 2012

Date of Accepted: October 24th, 2012

Published Online: February 17th, 2013

© Int J Anat Var (IJAV). 2013; 6: 51.

Dear Dr. Tunali,

Warm greetings from Malaysia!!!

We would like to congratulate you and your team for publishing the life of the legendry figures of anatomy in the journal [1]. We read the article “Autobiography of Keith L. Moore, PhD, DSc, FIAC, FRSM, Professor Emeritus of Anatomy and Cell Biology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto” with great interest [2].

As a student and as a member of the teaching faculty, we are always eager to read the anatomy books by Dr. Moore, but could never quench our thirst to learn about the man behind the books. This article is a fulfillment of this long standing desire, giving us an opportunity to meet the man through his own words. Anatomy was invested in new perspective with the enlightenment showered on the topic through the sagacious words of the thespian in the field of anatomic pedagogy. The books of Dr. Moore were the resource which brought to us a deeper understanding of anatomy in its applications and still form the foundations of our teaching of anatomy to students.

It is our delight to learn that Dr. Moore is the first recipient of the Henry Gray/Elsevier Distinguished Educator Award, the AAA’s highest award for human anatomy education. Any accolades can never justify the titanic achievements of this awesome academician!

That the books on anatomy and embryology written by the doyen have survived the 20th century and still continue through the 21st century is living testimony for the magnificence of the texts by Dr. Moore!

To this day, while teaching students we never miss to highlight the insightful words of the Maestro of Anatomy and emphasize that to embark on a career in medicine without the firm foundation of embryology and anatomy is like setting sail at sea without a navigator! We hope Dr. Moore would continue to enrich us with many more clinical anatomy publications, for which he has our heartiest wishes to see many more years of achievement.

Long live Dr. Moore. God bless you!