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International Journal of Anatomical Variations

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International Journal of Anatomical Variations
ISSN: 1308-4038

International Journal of Anatomical Variations (IJAV) is an open access electronic journal aiming to provide an online compendium for anatomical variations in gross, radiological, neuroanatomy, surgical anatomy, and case reports in clinical anatomy. IJAV welcomes research articles, review articles, short-communications, case reports etc for the publication. All submitted articles will be peer-reviewed.


IJAV provide the rapid quarterly publication of articles in all areas related to human anatomy. The content of the IJAV is determined by the Editors.

IJAV, the Publisher, and the Editors assume no responsibility for the statements of authors (and/or contributors) in the articles.
The submitted manuscripts must not contain previously published material or material under consideration for publication elsewhere. Accepted manuscripts belong to IJAV and may not be republished.
Author may submit the manuscripts through the journal's online submission and tracking system which is located at https://www.pulsus.com/submissions/international-anatomical-variations.html or as an e-mail attachment to [email protected]
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Research Article May 24, 2021

Xiphoid Size and Gender Differences: An Anatomical Study

Alexander Manché, Carmel Grima, Liberato Camilleri

Abstract PDF

Case Reports May 24, 2021

Dolichosigmoid with Additional Sigmoidal Branches and Displaced Descending Colon

Naveen Babu Kandavalli, Leon Wu, Francis Danquah, Bedia Castellanos

Abstract PDF

Case Reports May 11, 2021

Congenital Malformation of the Aortic Arch and its Branches With no Documented Clinical Symptoms: A Post-Mortem Case Study

Balazs Daniel Fulop, Andrea Tamas, Dora Reglodi, Eszter Fabian

Abstract PDF

Research Article May 24, 2021

Morphological Variations in Gall Bladders of Cadavers

Priyanka Parmar, Monika Rathee, Suresh Kanta Rathee, Aarti Rohilla, Kamal Singh

Abstract PDF

Case Reports April 30, 2021

Variations in Vasculatures of Kidney - A Case Report

Debajani Deka1*, Amrita Nidhi2, Nisha Yadav3

Abstract PDF