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Surgery: Case Report

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Phaneendra P*
A.V. Degree & PG College, Hyderabad, India, Email: [email protected]
*Correspondence: Phaneendra P, A.V. Degree & PG College, Hyderabad, India, Tel: +919666838868, Email: [email protected]

Received Date: Jul 06, 2020 / Accepted Date: Jul 23, 2020 / Published Date: Jul 30, 2020

Citation: Phaneendra P. Editorial Note for Surgery: Case Reports Journal. Surg Case Rep 2020;4:2-4.

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On behalf of the Board of the Journal of Cell Science and Therapy (https://www.longdom.org/cell-sciencetherapy.html) and my co-editors, I am glad to present the Volume 11, Issue 3 of the journal. The journal established in September 2010 has now published 11 volume; with 5 issues per volume in a year. All these are promising signs. We could reach this stage through the constant support of Board Members and intellectual generosity of the readers and contributors (authors and reviewers). One of the objectives of this journal is to encourage publication from different streams of research that helps to enrich further the discourse on Cell science.

We are expanding our editorial board for addressing the gaps and further enriching this journal. I am glad that Prof. Rajendra Sharma is joining as one of the Editor of this journal. His brief profile is enclosed. I am sure with his efforts the journal will be able to strengthen in the field of Molecular biology and Immunology. Also joining the editorial team is Dr Jim Shao-Jun Du and Dr Ken Hayashi. Dr Jim Shao-Jun Du is one of our editorial board member who had been actively involved in the journal from a long time. His joining the editorial team, had helped in strengthening the coordination and management of the journal. Dr Ken Hayashi is a distinguished member and he is an assistant director in the department of Otolaryngology. His joining the journal as one of the Editoral member had been very useful for strengthening the journal editorial process.

Please see below for his brief profile.

Rajendra Sharma is a Research Associate Professor in Molecular Biology and Immunology, University of North Texas. His research of interest is to investigate the detoxification mechanisms of xeno- and endo-biotics by glutathione linked phase II enzymes particularly GSTs as well as their role in protection against oxidative stress; Role of 4-HNE in cellular signalling related to apoptosis, cell proliferation and transformation and modulation of its intracellular concentration by coordinated action of GSTs and RLIP76; and in the field of Chemoprevention of Cancer by natural products: These studies are focused on the role of lipid peroxidation in the mechanisms of cancer prevention and cell killing by sulforaphane, curcumin and Withaferin A.

Prof. Sha-Jun (Jim) Du has been working as an associate professor in Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Maryland, School of Medicine. His research of interest is into the field of Genetic and epigenetic regulation of skeletal and cardiac development and diseases and also in the field of Muscle stem cells.

Ken Hayashi is Assistant Director of Department of Otolaryngology, Shinkawa Clinic and a Collaborative researcher of Department of Otolaryngology, Keio University. His research of interest is into the field of Molecular biology of inner ear disease, Molecular mechanism of autophagy and proteasome, Pathology and biology of gastrointestinal cancer and Head and neckscer.