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The Neurosurgery Journal

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Aim and Scope

 Neurosurgery Journal is an open access journal, mainly includes technical and clinical research on health, ethics and society related to neurosurgical treatment. The editor welcomes all kinds of articles based on different neurological diseases and their treatments, including surgical procedures, studies that can deepen the knowledge of the nervous system, etc. Although articles on the function of the nervous system are highly valued, no aspect is excluded from their consideration. This journal is primarily concerned with the application of neurophysiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, molecular biology, anatomy, and behavioural analysis to problems of molecular, cellular, developmental, and system neuroscience.
 Special attention will be paid to those areas where the availability of new technologies leads to a multidisciplinary approach to neurological problems. The mediating role of neurological processes in linking social phenomena with physiology, neuroendocrine, development, neurosurgical methods, pathology or neurological diseases, the genetics behind neurological diseases and advanced technologies for the diagnosis of these specific neuropathologies will be considered. and structural anomalies. Submission, function, morphology, immunology, biochemistry and all neuroimaging (fMRI, MRI, PET, EEG, MEG) of neurons in the body, neuropsychological investigation of patients, investigation of animal diseases, single cell registration, pharmacology perturbation and magnetic stimulation transcranial


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