Journal of Sexual & Reproductive Medicine

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The evaluation of male infertility

Author(s): Francois Benard

Data available over the past 25 years regarding infertility reveal that, in approximately one-third of cases, significant pathology is found in the man alone, while in 20% of cases, abnormalities are found in both the man and the woman. It is often recommended that clinical evaluation of the couple be delayed until one year of unprotected intercourse has passed. Because more couples wait until their late 30s to try to conceive, however, the initial screening of the man should be considered whenever a patient presents with the chief complaint of infertility. Advances are being made rapidly in both the diagnosis and treatment of infertile men. Semen analysis is the most important test to direct the necessary evaluation. With continued work in this field and continued development of available diagnostic and treatment modalities, clinicians will be able to treat infertile couples more successfully