Journal of Sexual & Reproductive Medicine

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What the paediatrician should know about paediatric and adolescent gynecology: The perspective of a gynecologist

Author(s): Victoria Jane Davis

Gynecological problems are common in children but training in this subject is rare during paediatric postgraduate education. Knowledge in this area is important for providing comprehensive health care to children. The article explores the gynecological examination of the child and common gynecological disorders in the paediatric and adolescent age groups. Routine examination of the external genitalia as part of a well-child physical normalizes the examination for the child and helps to inform the physician about the large variations in normal genitals. Many complaints can be dealt with by reassurance, while most others respond to medical therapy and can be dealt with easily by paediatricians. Both young children and adolescents respond positively when allowed to have control over the tempo of the interview and the examination. A positive experience associated with a genital examination will help to open lines of trust. This along with nonjudgmental, open communication, will create educational opportunities to enhance a responsible transition from child to young adult.