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Journal of Nursing Research and Practice

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A journey from suffering and stress to hope: A staff-parent intervention project at a pediatric nephrology unit

Author(s): Mahdi Tarabeih*, Khaled Awawdi and Riad Abu Rakia

Purpose: The practical, emotional and financial burden on low-to-moderateincome parents of children in hemodialysis is painfully heavy.

Design and methods: An expert project leader experienced in leading groups in clinical treatment and in crisis was hired to lead an intensive short-term intervention designed to assist the parents develop a problem-and-emotion-focused coping style. The leader also worked with unit nursing staff to give them the resources and techniques to support the parents after the intervention ended.

Results: Parents developed a degree of hope and cohesion. They no longer felt alone in their struggle. Staff, shocked at what they heard from parents, realised they had to understand the family situation the parents and children were coming from in order to nurse sensitively and supportively.

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