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Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Treatment

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A Systematic Review of the Relationship Between Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and Criminal Justice

Author(s): Kyle Shelton, Oscar Miles

Prenatal alcohol exposure is one of the leading causes of preventable birth defects; nevertheless, it is also the leading cause of developmental delay worldwide. There is a strong link between fetal alcohol spectrum disease (FASD) and subsequent impairments. a link with criminal activity The goal of this systematic review is to provide current information. explores the interaction between FASD patients and the criminal justice system, examining several elements In A further purpose is to propose many ideas in light of the findings of this research to lessen FASD's financial impact on the general populace. According to the guidelines, a systematic review of the literature was done. Following the PRISMA rules, 20 publications were found to meet the inclusion criteria. Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a prominent cause of preventable birth problems and developmental abnormalities in neonates, according to the findings of the studies. Furthermore, some topics appear to be more interesting. When compared to others, they are more likely to do criminal crimes. Finally, it should be noted that FASD is characterized by a wide range of symptoms. considerable public health expenses, both in terms of the assistance provided to the affected person as well as the financial and societal consequences of any criminal actions committed.

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