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International Journal of Anatomical Variations

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Abnormal Lumbar Curvature, Via Protective System, Causes Head Bones Displacement Hair Loss and Mental Disorders: The Natural Process of Human Grow-Up

Author(s): Jafarizadeh Hooshang*, Wicke Lothar, Prokosch Erika, Brenner Heinrich and Firbas Wilhelm

The roots of mental disorders are not known yet, moreover it is believed not to be related to the body at all, but that was a common belief among the ancient scientists and Philosophers; they mostly acknowledged these disorders as body-based symptoms. The study focuses on the idea that mental disorders and hair loss are the results of the natural process of human grow-up happening to everyone but with different symptoms. It verifies the qualifications and possibilities of these results in different anatomic types of humans. A hypothesis specifies the basic method of the article, i. e. if decreasing of the lumbar curvature (l .c.) is obvious and accepted, then consequently the changes in the vertebral column (v. c.) are also acceptable, because of the ligaments which firmly attach the vertebrae together. The v. c., diaphragm, thorax and head bones, working together in a definite and synchronized relation, build a unique protective system (p. s.). The force caused by the b. f. of the l. c. activates the p. s., reaches up the skull and relative to the forces imposed on the skull; displacements of the head bones, through cartilaginous sutures, occur. The process causes: a) the body-based mental disorders afterwards, either through providing asymmetrical pairs, as in the parietal and temporal bones or via imposing pressure on the lobes and b) hair loss as it will be described in the paper.

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