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Journal of Materials Engineering and Applications

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About the phenomenon of free energy, described by the new axioms and laws

Author(s): Valentina Markova

 The article describes brand new field through new axioms and laws .The theory of new axioms and laws, called Expanded Field Theory, includes 2 new axioms and 8 new laws. It was described in previous articles and reports. It expands the Classic Field Theory to a much more general theory that consists new type of field ( accelerating and decelerating ), new view of movement(cross and longitudinal) In present report are used 2 axiom and 6 laws only. It is known that Maxwell’s laws (1864) are based on a single base axiom [1]. It states that the movement in a closed loop leads to evenly movement (with constant speed ) of a vector E: div rot E = 0 . The author change this axiom with a new one, according which the movement in an open loop ( div rot E ≠ 0) or vortex (div Vor E ≠ 0 ) leads to unevenly movement (with variable speed ) of a vector E [2]. The subsequent results are : the evenly movement is replaced with unevenly movement which can be decelerating or accelerating; in 2D is defined a cross vortex and in 3D is defined a longitudinal vortex ;the cross vortex in 2D is transformed to a longitudinal vortex in 3D through a transformation Δ1 ; the longitudinal vortex in 3D is transformed to a cross vortex in 2D through transformation Δ2; decelerating vortex emits free cross vortices to the environment that are called “free energy”; accelerating vortex sucks the same ones free cross vortices and so on. The temperature decreases due to the suction of cross vortices by the accelerating vortex but the temperature increases due to the emitting of cross vortices by the decelerating field. This report offers using of this new type of field– accelerating field .The accelerating field suck in free cross vortices ( “free energy “ )from environment through Positive Feedback that turns acceleration process to a generation process. It not only preserves its internal energy but multiplies it, at the expense of sucking in the energy of the environment. Thus the acceleration process turns to generation process . Because of the technical generation of this accelerating field is very complicated for now, it is necessary to imitate it using our well-known Electromagnetic field. The secret is in very unique shape of the input ( to the antenna ) electrical signal. It is imitated the accelerating signal using the well-known Electromagnetic field, that sucks the free cross vortices from the environment. 

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