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Journal of Materials Engineering and Applications

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Alternate Bio-Sources for Pushing Ahead Ethanol Blending Programme in India.

Author(s): D Swain

 Indian alcohol industry, from time to time facing shortage of cane molasses the main raw material used for the fermentative production of ethanol. Demand of ethanol for fuel sector is increasing continuously, requirement of which is 3808 million liters for 10% EBP and 7616 million liters for 20% EBP in India having a CAGR of 5+ %. Since alcohol from molasses is also being used for chemical and potable sector, the same cannot be fulfilled through molasses only and there is a need to look for alternate feed stocks for alcohol production. Due to consistent surplus of sugar production Government has taken multiple steps including allowing diversion of B heavy molasses and sugarcane juice/sugar/sugar syrup route for production of ethanol and also announced a differential pricing policy for ethanol produced from different route. Production, availability, techno economic feasibility of other alternate bio-based feed stocks like rice, maize, cassava, sugar beet, sweet sorghum etc. in India for pushing ethanol blending program ahead has been discussed in this paper.

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