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International Journal of Anatomical Variations

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Anthropometric study on the anatomical variation of the external ear amongst Port Harcourt students, Nigeria

Author(s): Osunwoke EA*, Vidona WB and Atulegwu GC

Background: The morphology of an individual‘s external ear and its dimensions vary amongst persons to the point that the right and left ears differ.

Aims: This study is aimed at establishing the anatomical variation in the auricular structure of the students of University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Methods: The study utilizes a total of 200 students, 101 male and 99 female subjects within the age range of 16-30 years. Total ear length and breadth of both ears were measured using a digital vernier caliper (in mm).

Results: Result obtained showed the total ear length for the right ear to be 54.3 ± 4.12 while that of left ear is 54.2 ± 4.10. The total ear breadth for the right ear of the subject was 31.4 ± 2.51 while that of left ear was 31.3 ± 2.33. Of the t otal population, oval ear shape was commonly noted (58%), followed by round (25.5%), rectangular (10%) and triangular (6.5%) respectively. 100% symmetry was noted with the shape of the right and left ears. Pearson’s correlation between shape of auricle and gender was not significant (p=0.798). Inference statistics shows the right and left ears of each parameter to be significant (p<0.05).

Conclusion: The results obtained from this study will serve useful purposes in ear morphology and anthropometric considerations.

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