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Journal of Behavioral Neuroscience

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Art of logical reasoning

Author(s): Paul Smith

Precision is a fundamental scientific law that states that all of the significant factors in a calculation must be taken into account before reaching an exact or full conclusion. But this isn't always the case, because even in the most severe circumstances, there will always be some degree of error or uncertainty in any of the inferences drawn from the data. Unintentional, deliberate, or unintentional fluctuation in statistics or ambiguities in data interpretation cause this uncertainty . This problem has presented one of the greatest challenges facing students, philosophers, and scientists over the centuries. Common sense is an essential element of an intelligent system. It acts as a brain after the process of making system decisions. Logical consultation methods rely heavily on a statistical analysis of historical data like previous knowledge or experience from simple opportunity calculations to more complex calculations such as the Bayesian and Nash equilibrium method. These techniques have been translated into well-established data mining methods, especially in the field of neural networks. However, rational analysis strategies, when combined with consistent configurations, reduce the power of the dynamic response system to changes in the environment. In a smart system, this consistent adjustment is the core of the system’s self-confidence. This context often requires third-party intervention to ensure that the system is in line with the current situation, as it does not have the power in itself to change its core belief

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