International Journal of Anatomical Variations

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Axillary origin of both radial and ulnar arteries: A cadaveric case report

Author(s): Joaquin CALISTO*, Matilde LISSARRAGUE, Alejandra MANSILLA, Alejandro Marcel RUSSO and Gustavo ARMAND UGON

Variations of the arteries of the upper limb are frequent. Knowledge of these variants is crucial, not only from an anatomic stand point, but also clinically. We report a cadaveric case of proximal origin of both radial and ulnar arteries found during a routine dissection of and adult formalin fixed cadaver. The dis-section was carried out in the Department of Anatomy by the authors. Both arteries originated as terminal branches of the axillary artery. Radial artery fol-lowed a superficial path through the arm whereas the ulnar artery followed the path of the absent brachial artery. Anatomic and clinical implications of this variant are discussed in this paper.

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